Solvent liquidation

Solvent liquidation is done to eliminate risk, so it is worth ensuring it is done properly.

Members’ Voluntary (Solvent) Liquidations have recently become heavily commoditised products and volume providers are increasingly offering ‘budget’ solutions, sacrificing quality for a low price offering. What the volume providers cannot offer, however, is client service. In reality, the low fixed fee is usually subject to a significant uplift meaning clients can often face inflated costs if there is any deviation from the strictly defined parameters.

Our service

Our ethos is very simple. Whether you are liquidating your company upon retirement to obtain the benefit of Entrepreneurs Tax Relief or undertaking a corporate simplification project, our highly experienced staff guide you through the process. Our attention to detail ensures you can be confident that the process is run both smoothly and diligently.

Experienced team 

We have many years of experience in helping clients extract value from their businesses, identifying potential issues and formulating bespoke solutions.

No surprises 

The fixed fee we quote at the outset of an assignment will stand unless there is a significant difference to our understanding of the company’s financial position.


Whether you are undertaking a solvent liquidation to distribute cash, shares or other assets, clients often do not want to wait for the distribution, with all the uncertainty that entails. We, therefore, strive to ensure that distributions can be made on day one of an assignment (although an indemnity will obviously be required due to the possibility of unforeseen creditor claims).

Our guarantee: 

  • you will receive a first-class service
  • you will be dealing with an experienced team
  • your assignment will be led by an experienced practitioner
  • unexpected issues will be dealt with collaboratively with your input being sought
  • you will have as much control as possible over the outcome,
  • and your assets are fully protected and can remain within your control at all times.

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Director - London

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