About Corporate Simplification

Large or complex group structures can be costly and inefficient.  Undertaking a simplification process can help make your business more focussed, dynamic and profitable.

What is Corporate Simplification?

Large group structures can place a disproportionate burden on management resources.  Maintaining too many corporate entities may also result in unnecessary duplication, onerous compliance and present additional risks in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

The simplification process is straightforward and extremely cost effective.  We work directly with management teams to identify unnecessary, non-core and underperforming entities within your group and then produce a road map to a simplified structure.  Working closely with our tax and regulatory experts, we also ensure that there are no financial or regulatory disincentives to the proposed transformation to ensure that we deliver meaningful change to your operation and its effectiveness.


Stephen provides pragmatic advice and solutions to financially distressed business owners, lenders and investors.

Stephen Goderski

Director - London

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Our team will assist you in all phases of the process – from maximising value to the ultimate beneficiaries, to advising you on how to wind down companies that are non-core or dormant.  We will help you plan a structure to optimise the group’s tax position, reduce its legal and financial reporting burden and maximise value from assets and entities which are surplus to requirements.  We will execute the structural changes on your behalf, freeing up management time for your finance and compliance teams to deliver long-term cost savings.


Is my company insolvent?

It’s crucial that business owners recognise the warning signs that their business is in trouble.

Where you have entities in a variety of jurisdictions, our international network enables us to seamlessly deliver a simplification plan across multiple geographic locations.

Simplifying your group structure not only makes your group more profitable and easier to run, it can be a catalyst for change in the development of all aspects of your business.


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