Help for Family Business United (FBU) Members

A dedicated support hub for FBU members whose family firms face financial pressure 

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At PKF GM we help family business owners navigate periods of financial stress. 

We have created this dedicated resource for FBU members who are feeling the financial strain and need support to help ensure the survival of your #familybusiness. 

On this page you’ll find pragmatic actions you can take to help ensure the survival of your family business

We know the huge stress which cash flow problems can cause. The sooner you act to address them, the better the chance your business can be saved. Don’t leave it too late.

Trusted, experienced advisors

Contact our experts to find out how we can support your family business

Warning Signs

If any of the below apply to your family business you should speak to a restructuring professional for advice on how you can prevent matters from escalating.

  1. Can’t pay wages/salaries. This is the acid test.
  2. Can’t afford to make redundancies.
  3. At your overdraft limit and your bank refuses to extend it.
  4. Key suppliers have placed you on “stop” until you reduce your debt with them.
  5. Receiving threatening letters from debt collectors/solicitors on behalf of creditors.
  6. Receiving County Court summons and judgements.
  7. Being threatened with statutory demands and/or a winding-up petition.
  8. Unable to pay the rent and Landlord threatening enforcement proceedings.
  9. HMRC pursuing outstanding taxes.

Fortunately, a huge amount of help and support is available. We’ve worked with many family business owners and their management teams over the years. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you. 


Peter Hart

Director - London

t: 0207 5162221


James Sleight

Director - Leeds

t: 0113 426 7404


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