About Fraud Risk Management

A robust fraud risk management programme will help to protect your business from the expanding range of threats to which it may be exposed.

Fraud Risk Management

A fraud risk management programme is an essential component of sound corporate governance.

It should include policies to convey the expectations of the board of directors and senior management regarding managing fraud risk. Creating the correct behaviours and culture within your organisation to help prevent fraud, bribery or corruption comprise three key elements:

  • The right tone at the top set by the Board
  • Constant communication of the robust policies and procedures in place
  • A range of counter fraud activities.

This will provide an environment where your staff and stakeholders feel comfortable to raise concerns.

Fraud risk exposure should be assessed periodically by your company to identify specific potential themes and events that the company needs to mitigate. Conduct risk-based monitoring and evaluate all components of the fraud risk management framework. Focus on measuring outcomes and communicating the results.

Fraud training and education

Our team can educate your employees and supply chain on the risks of fraud, bribery and corruption, identify responsibilities and help everyone to appreciate that it may happen in your organisation, understand how that can affect your business, and commit to the steps needed to help prevent it.

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Case Study - Fraud & Forensic

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