About Fraud & Forensic

Fraud is an ever-present risk that costs UK businesses hundreds of billions.

Our skilled Fraud and Forensic team can assist and support you in addressing fraud or help you to prevent, detect and protect against fraudulent activity.

Why choose PKF GM?

We are a team of experts with a national and international track record, built up over many years. We advise private and public sector clients including Local and Central governments, major national and international companies, and individual victims of fraud.

Our team includes former law enforcement professionals, with expertise in putting complex, multi-disciplinary cases together to achieve successful prosecutions.

We assist clients with all phases of an investigation, from the initial detection of wrongdoing, right through to interviewing witnesses, obtaining evidence and witness statements to enable prosecution, disciplinary and/or recovery of the loss. Additionally, we advise on best practice and procedures to ensure the risk of future fraud is reduced.

Situations involving fraud, or allegations of bribery/corruption, require close examination of all records, agreements, and other financial documentation to determine what has happened. Our forensic accountants, with experience gained from working at the Serious Fraud Office, provide expertise to recreate and analyse complex financial and electronic information.

Accounting, good governance and other internal controls are often the first line of defence in preventing and detecting fraud or other wrongdoing.

PKF GM has a global investigation team on hand to secure, collate and analyse all financial information to provide clear and concise, evidence-based reports to boards, management, and law enforcement, in accordance with relevant standards and legislation.

Fraudulent activity, or allegations of fraud, require immediate attention and the preservation of potential evidence for use in any future investigation, these situations escalate if not addressed immediately.

Robert is a leading figure in fraud prevention, detection and investigation

Robert Brooker

Director - London

t: 020 75162391

e: robert.brooker@pkfgm.co.uk

Fraud risk management

As part of good corporate governance, a fraud risk management programme should be in place, including policies to convey the expectations of the board of directors and senior management regarding managing fraud risk. Creating the correct behaviours and culture within your organisation to help prevent fraud, bribery or corruption has three key strands:

  • The right tone at the top set by the Board
  • Constant communication of the robust policies and procedures in place
  • A range of counter fraud activities.

This will provide an environment where your staff and stakeholders will feel comfortable to raise concerns.

Fraud risk exposure should be assessed periodically by your company to identify specific potential themes and events that the company needs to mitigate. Conduct risk-based monitoring and evaluate all components of the fraud risk management framework. Focus on measuring outcomes and communicating the results.

Fraud training, and education
The team will educate your employees and supply chain as to the risks of fraud, bribery and corruption, identify responsibilities and help everyone to appreciate that it may happen in your organisation, understand how that can affect your business, and commit to the steps to help prevent it.

Fraud investigations
Our team investigates allegations of fraud, bribery and corruption throughout the world in a variety of sectors. With resources across the globe, we draw on experienced experts to deliver realistic and affordable solutions within the relevant legislation.
We investigate suspicious activity, identify those involved, look to stop further financial loss and work with the authorities to recover the fraudulent amount.

Forensic accounting

Our forensic accounting specialists investigate and analyse information to provide solutions to a range of business requirements, including asset tracing, dispute resolutions and fraud investigations.

Contentious insolvency litigation

Our team also has experience with contentious insolvency litigation, which typically involves action against entities and/or individuals under the Insolvency Act 1986, relating to antecedent transactions (payments made before a company’s insolvency). Cases will be considered on a contingent basis and fees taken from asset realisations.


Forensic Insolvency

Find out more about our Forensic and Contentious Insolvency expertise.

Business intelligence

One of the major challenges organisations face conducting due diligence is being able to verify customers or suppliers using a reliable source. Our team can assist in identifying the companies and the individuals associated with them, regardless of their location to provide discreet relevant information to assess risks and help you make important decisions.
Today’s global business environment can make independent verification extremely difficult, particularly in the current climate where more people than ever are working from home or external pressures require identification to be completed quickly.

Client focused approach
We understand that our clients have differing needs and may have specific requirements, therefore we offer tailor-made reports to meet those needs.

Speed of reporting
Our high-quality reports are usually delivered within days rather than months allowing our clients to make quick but informed decisions.

Affordable prices
In today’s economic environment we understand that organisations must be cost efficient; our business structure enables us to offer tailor-made reports at highly competitive prices.

Fraud class action claims

Our Forensic and Fraud team can act on your behalf as part of civil actions, seeking damages in relation to legal claims following Court rulings in your favour. We partner with legal advisors and claim funders to facilitate a successful resolution and act on a contingent fee basis.

If you’re making a claim, we’ll help you to:

  • Gather information and analysis to gain an understanding of your business and the value and merits of the Claim.
  • Provide data analytics and forensic accounting support define and itemise the Claim and support/defend its value throughout the life of the Claim.
  • Support discussions with relevant parties, where required, to support the quantification of the Claim.
  • Act as your Claimant Coordinator in accordance with the Agreement between Claimants, including regular liaison between the appointed lawyer, funder, ATE insurer, expert, counsel and any additional relevant party.
  • Prepare reports as appropriate for the benefit of the Claimant Group, together with the appointed lawyer, setting out the progress of the Claim, acting as liaison between the Claimant Group and the funder, ATE provider, lawyers, economists, counsel and any other related party.

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