Aegis companies Update

Over the last six years Stephen Goderski has been appointed as Administrator and / or Liquidator of a number of “Aegis” companies.

The investors in those companies appear to be the victims of a fraud.  Their monies were moved around between companies and the books and records were woefully inadequate, so a meaningful paper trail was impossible to establish.  All that is known is that some £10m was invested and that the companies’ assets totalled less than £2.5m. 

The lack of books and records has caused a problem in that it is not always obvious which Aegis company any given investor has invested in.  For example it was very common for the available books and records to show an investor as having invested in one company, the investor to have believed that they had invested in another and the investor’s supporting documentation to indicate that they had invested in a third Aegis company!

Due to trust arrangements, the assets of the various companies have ended up in just one company, Aegis Power Bond (No 1) PLC.  Our view was that it would be unfair on the investors of other Aegis companies if they were excluded from making a claim against the realised assets and we therefore recently successfully applied to the High Court for permission for the investors in the following companies to claim in the liquidation of Aegis Power Bond (No 1) PLC:

Aegis Wind Finance (No 1) Limited
Aegis Wind Finance (No 2) Limited
Aegis Investments Nominee Limited
Greenfish Investments No 34 Limited


The order we successfully obtained is relatively unusual and was driven both by the circumstances and the understanding shown by a very experienced Judge (Judge Briggs) and will allow the investors in all five companies to share in the distribution of the available assets.

Creditors should submit their claims together with supporting documentation by no later than 17 June 2022 to:


    Stephen Goderski
15 Westferry Circus
Canary Wharf
London E14 4HD

Stephen Goderski

Director, London

t: 0207 516 2224


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